Scintilla trailer discovers the unthinkable

SCINTILLA, a film that follows a group of mercenaries who must go deep within a former Soviet state to secure the work of a scientist who has been splicing alien and human DNA, has just been secured by AV Pictures for US and UK deals. We now have our very first trailer for the sci-fi thriller and it looks pretty promising. Isolating a bunch of people in the dark while something non-human hunts them down one by one is certainly solid ground for a horror flick, let's just hope that this one can deliver the goods! Take a peek at the trailer below.

An elite team of mercenaries is chosen to carry out a covert operation deep in a former Soviet state. They must first battle the ferocious armed militia at ground level before descending through a maze of tunnels inhabited by dark, menacing creatures. When the team members arrive at an underground laboratory, they discover the purpose of their mission: A genius scientist has been genetically splicing alien DNA with human, and the results of this revolutionary work must be secured. The soldiers must protect and save the specimens whilst avoiding the threats of multiple predators, both human and otherwise.

eOne had previously acquired rights for France, German-speaking Europe, Scandinavia, and South Africa. Directed by Billy O’Brien, SCINTILLA stars John Lynch, Craig Conway, Antonia Thomas, Jumayan Hunter, Morjana Alaoui, and Beth Winslet.

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Source: Screen Daily



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