Scope out the Comic-Con banners and posters for Carrie, Evil Dead and The Walking Dead season 3!

Two promotional banners for upcoming and highly anticipated (if also bemoaned by many) remakes of CARRIE and EVIL DEAD have surfaced at the 2012 Comic-Con and we've got the photos to show you, courtesy of Bleeding Cool. The EVIL DEAD one seems to be playing up the connection with Sam Raimi's original classic with the old-school logo and the "from the producers of the original horror classic" tagline. The CARRIE banner, on the other hand, is all about staring you down. Looks like the remake hunting season will be officially open come Spring 2013.

 But wait, there's more! You can also check out a limited-edition "The Walking Dead" Season 3 poster created exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con 2012 by Image Comics artist Greg Capullo. Cool stuff, indeed. Scope out the images above and below as we await more info from our crew at the Con!

Extra Tidbit: Which of the above grabs your attention the most?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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