Scout Taylor Compton talks returning as 'Laurie Strode' in Halloween 3-D

It's no secret there's a HALLOWEEN 3 on the way. It's also no secret that Mr. Rob Zombie will have nothing to do with this one. Good? Bad? We all have our opinions. While Zombie won't be involved at least we know who will be, the MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D directing/writing team of Patrick Lussier, Todd Farmer and Zane Smith

We also knew that the film was put on the very fast track with plans to release it this Halloween. Thankfully The Weinsteins smartened up and are now taking their sweet time with HALLOWEEN 3-D. What we didn't know was how The Weinsteins and company were looking to cast HALLOWEEN 3-D. Are we looking at a brand new cast/reboot? Or were they planning on bringing back some members of Zombie's films? It seems the plan was for the latter...

You see HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN 2 star Scout Taylor-Compton recently let the world know she was approached to return as 'Laurie Strode' in HALLOWEEN 3-D! She did so via a video clip that can be found over in our videos section or directly below. In the clip Compton states how she declined to return to the franchise because the third film was being so rushed and she felt there wasn't going to be a good script there... (wait those other two HALLOWEENs were good scripts?!) She then announces her displeasure with the fact that The Weinsteins have now decided to take things slow with HALLOWEEN 3-D. I'm going to go ahead and assume she hasn't gotten any calls since the announcement...

So what does this mean? Well it can be one of two things. Either casting and all production for that matter have completely been put on hold until director Patrick Lussier is done with DRIVE ANGRY, which is probably the case, or the studio is looking to go a whole new route with HALLOWEEN 3-D and are now planning on recasting the entire thing since they've got more time, which is the better option in my opinion. What says you guys? You think Taylor-Compton still has a shot to play the legendary heroine? Do you even want her too? I was stoked to see the character twist on Strode at the end of HALLOWEEN 2 but I'm feeling a brand new slate here. Hit us with your opinions below and keep it here for all HALLOWEEN news as we hear it!

Gorgeous HALLOWEEN 2 hottie Brea Grant

Extra Tidbit: If not Taylor-Compton, who would you like to see as Laurie Strode next?
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