What sought after cult classics are Scream Factory releasing next?

Scream Factory, the new horror genre arm of Shout! Factory, is scoring points with fans right and left with their current roster of releases. With titles like HALLOWEEN II, HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, THEY LIVE, and THE FUNHOUSE their output of special edition horror Blu-rays this season is peerless. Now we can add two more horror rarities to the Scream Factory line-up: TERROR VISION and THE NEST.

Okay, so they aren’t as high profile as the special editions that came beforehand, but 80s horror fans have been clamoring for proper editions since the dawn of DVD. According to Scream Factory, the titles are the first in a series based on a new licensing deal they’ve cooked up: ”The highly-requested TERROR VISION has never been on DVD format before and THE NEST has never been released in a widescreen presentation. That will all change soon." We can only assume more horror rarities previously unavailable on DVD will soon follow.

As for the films, TERROR VISION is certainly a title to look out for. The Empire Production is writer/director Ted Nicolaou’s satire of 80s suburbia, featuring some great monster effects and very funny performances from Mary Woronov and Paul Bartel. I’m less familiar with THE NEST, but any 80s movie about giant flesh eating cockroaches easily has my attention. Check out the trailer for THE NEST here and the trailer for TERROR VISION below.

Extra Tidbit: Besides acting, TERROR VISION Mary Woronov (above) was also a regular fixture among the Andy Warhol's circle.
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