Scream Factory launches its very own YouTube channel!

By now you've got to expect something awesome every time we bring up Scream Factory here on AITH because these guys truly know how to get us excited for what's on the horizon in the horror genre as they continue to distribute amazing titles. Now, it looks like we've got an all new reason to be excited about Scream Factory as they have just recently launched their very own YouTube channel which will feature all sorts of cool shit.

On the channel they conveniently break things down into four categories which look like this:

TRAILERS: All coming attractions for their Scream releases will reside here. Currently they have trailers up to the 7/30 release of THE FOG and their upcoming fall release of COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES.

FEATURED: Sneak peeks of original content (i.e., interviews with cast or crew) from their releases. Right now you can check out clips from the Blu-ray/DVD releases of THE BURNING and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN.

RETRO GRAVEYARD: Shout Factory released a lot of horror and sci-fi films prior to creation of the “Scream” line in 2012, so this is where you can see trailers from some of our greatest hits from the past including THE STEPFATHER, VISITING HOURS, BAD DREAMS, a lot of Roger Corman releases (PIRANHA, DEATH RACE 2000, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, etc.) and several others.

SCREAM PICKS: Each Friday they will choose 5 horror or sci-fi related clips (that currently exist on YouTube) as their Top 5 “Picks” of the week. For instance, to celebrate this week's release of THE BURNING, see what other 5 summer camp/in-the-woods slasher pics that are highlighted as their favorites or guilty pleasures (they’ll likely be some of yours too). On the next Friday (the 24th), they will swap that out for a new theme and 5 more clips.

Sounds pretty damn cool right? Just head over to their channel right HERE and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of their upcoming videos!

Extra Tidbit: Will you guys be subscribing to their channel?
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