Scream Factory reveals details for John Carpenter's Village of the Damned


VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED is never going to be mistaken for one of John Carpenter's highlights - in fact, you could probably point to at as the beginning of an inexorable downward trajectory for the director. Still, Scream Factory plays no favorites when it comes to restoring horror flicks, so they're bringing us a brand new Blu-ray of Carpenter's movie this April.

Something is terribly wrong in the tiny village of Midwich. After an unseen force invades a quiet coastal town, ten women mysteriously find themselves pregnant. Local physician Dr. Alan Chaffee (Christopher Reeve) and government scientist Dr. Susan Verner (Kirstie Alley) join forces when the women simultaneously give birth... and the reign of supernatural terror begins.

Among the special features:

- NEW It Takes A Village: The Making of Village of the Damned featuring interviews with director John Carpenter, producer Sandy King, actors Michael Pare, Peter Jason, Karen Kahn, Meredith Salenger, Thomas Dekker, Cody Dorkin, Lindsey Haun, Danielle Wiener-Keaton and make-up effects artist Greg Nicotero
- NEW HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS - revisiting the locations of the film
- NEW The Go To Guy: Peter Jason on John Carpenter
- Vintage interviews featuring John Carpenter, Christopher Reeve, Kirstie Alley, Linda Kozlowski, Mark Hamill and Wolf Rilla (director of the original VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED) - Vintage Behind-the-scenes footage
-Theatrical Trailer
-Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED will be released on April 12th; pre-order right HERE.


Extra Tidbit: Fun fact: One of the creepy kids is Thomas Dekker, of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Nightmare on Elm Street remake fame.



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