Scream Factory reveals full details for The Final Terror Blu-ray

Back in February we shared the news that the always-awesome Scream Factory was set to bring us the 1983 killer-in-the-woods entry THE FINAL TERROR on Blu-ray this July, and now we've learned the full details for the release.

Before we share the bonus features for THE FINAL TERROR, we want to share a message from the Scream Factory about the transfer. Over on the official Scream Factory Facebook page it was shared:

This release was a challenge for us to execute. All of the original film elements (negative and inter-positive) were lost and we searched for them for months. In order to create this new HD transfer, we sourced five film prints from collectors and used the best reels. The film looks better than ever (considerably more than its VHS release, of course) but we do feel it is important to disclose that there is some mild discoloring during reel 2.

We have done everything possible to minimize it (for some viewers, it will barely be noticeable) but wanted to communicate it all the same beforehand and know that we did the best we could with what we had to work with.

One thing I truly appreciate about Scream Factory is how they appreciate their fans and are always open and honest about their product. What they shared here won't affect my decision to pick THE FINAL TERROR up in July. My mind has already been made up...I'm most definitely grabbing this Blu-ray! There's no doubt that it'll look better than ever!

The film features an eclectic group of stars including Rachel Ward (NIGHT SCHOOL), Daryl Hannah (BLADE RUNNER), Adrian Zmed (GREASE 2, "TJ Hooker") and Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos").

Ok, on to the extras. Scream Factory revealed that THE FINAL TERROR Blu-ray will come with the following special features:

  • New Audio Commentary with director Andrew Davis
  • New interviews with actors Adrian Zmed and Lewis Smith, Post Production Supervisor Allan Holzman and composer Susan Justin
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

I'm sold on this one, gang! You can pre-order THE FINAL TERROR on Blu-ray HERE. Watch for it to release on July 1.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking up THE FINAL TERROR on Blu this July?



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