Scream Factory to bring Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions to Blu-ray!

We've got to hand it to the folks over at Scream Factory because they continue to surprise us with each and every new announcement. Their latest? A Collector's Edition of Clive Barker's LORD OF ILLUSIONS is on its way! It will be headed for a release later this Fall on Blu-ray so be on the lookout for the cover art and special features in the coming months!

Here's what the film is about:

LORD OF ILLUSIONS stars Scott Bakula as a private investigator hired to protect a popular stage magician who finds himself drawn into a dark, occult underworld. Magician Philip Swann (Kevin J. O’Connor) has made enemies of a bizarre religious cult who wish to resurrect their leader, an evil sorcerer killed by Swann.

Clive Barker himself took to Facebook to spill some early details on the upcoming release, saying, "…Shout is preparing a definitive new edition of (I’ve just seen the artwork for the DVD. It’s superb) is indeed LORD OF ILLUSIONS, as many of you have already guessed. The edition will have both cuts of the film, interviews, analysis, a profile of D’Amour traced through all his literary and cinematic journeys and Nix knows what else… It’s going to be a whole new vision of D’Amour’s world, all the way up to, and including THE SCARLET GOSPELS.” Sounds amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this one! Look for more soon!

Famke Janssen starred in LORD OF ILLUSIONS

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