Scream Factory will release Michael Winner's The Sentinel this summer


Scream Factory has another cult classic to share in HD with us genre fans this summer; the company announced they'll be issuing Michael Winner's bizarre 1977 thriller THE SENTINEL on Blu-ray in August.

The film has a very impressive cast of genre vets including, Chris Sarandon, Christina Raines, Christopher Walken, Ava Gardner, Jeff Goldblum, Jerry Orbach, Burgess Meredith, Eli Wallach, Martin Balsam (Psycho), Tom Berenger, Jose Ferrer, John Carradine, Deborah Raffin and William Hickey.

The synopsis:

When New York fashion model (Cristina Raines) splits with her fiance (Chris Sarandon) and moves into an old brownstone, she soon discovers she has more than she bargained for in the lease. As luck would have it, a mysterious blind priest (John Carradine) who lives upstairs happens to be guarding the doorway to Hell, and she has been chosen as his replacement. 

No details are available yet, although Scream Factory always brings the goods so you can expect plenty of exciting special features. An exact release date has yet to be revealed.


Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of THE SENTINEL?
Source: Scream Factory



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