Sean Bean starring in violent thriller The Knife That Killed Me?

You by chance heard of or read Anthony McGowan's bestseller THE KNIFE THAT KILLED ME? Regardless, looks like that sucker's headed to the big screen!

True story. Stealth Media Group is adapting the tome, setting Markus Romer and Kit Monkman to make their directorial debuts with the material. More impressive, the great Sean Bean is attached to star, as is youngster Jack McMullen. The flick is currently in pre-production, so expect to hear more on its progression in the weeks and months to come. Let's start with a synopsis though, shall we...

Paul Varderman is a lanky sixteen year old lad whose world is the coarse litter strewn grass of the playing fields of his run down city school somewhere in Northern England. Paul and his Dad, a feckless has-been of a character, are like ships that pass in the night. Whilst both know something is amiss, both do nothing about it. The coldness and lack of love that surround Paul pose the question in our mind - is the grim battle ground of the playing field a warmer and more welcoming world than his home life? At sixteen for all these kids it's sink or swim and each one is a prisoner in this world where fear rules. There are friends, there are enemies, there are gangs you do belong to, gangs you don't, and as a late arrival at the school there is pressure on Paul to make a choice, and of course, there is the girl of his dreams.

Also starring Haruka Abe (below), Charles Mnene, Andrew Ellis, Oliver Lee, Reece Douglas, Alfie Stewart, Tom Collins and Kerran Darby - THE KNIFE THAT KILLED ME is expected to hit this fall.

Extra Tidbit: You been watching Bean in "Game of Thrones"?
Source: Stealth Media



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