"Secret Circle" cutie Britt Robertson joins bully revenge flick White Rabbit

Two weeks ago J.P. hit you with the first deets on WHITE RABBIT, a dark bully revenge tale from director Tim McCann. At the time, "True Blood" star Sam Trammell and THE DESCENDANTS' Nick Krause were the first ones cast in the film. Well, here comes the film's first female lead...

Deadline has it that Britt Robertson ("The Secret Circle", pictured) has joined WHITE RABBIT, set to play Krause's girlfriend. Info about her role ends there, but we do know the flick is set to shoot in New Orleans at the end of this month. Expect more to come our way between now and then.

Written by Anthony Di Pietro:

WHITE RABBIT is story of a bullied, high school teen, who begins having visions of a rabbit that he killed when he was nine years old. The rabbit, along with other imaginary characters, turn menacing in the hopes of pushing him over the edge and luring him into one last fatal act of revenge.

Seems eerie enough, though the rabbit thing has been done in HARVEY and DONNIE DARKO. We'll trust this McCann fella can make us forget about those two films after seeing his. Think that's possible?

Extra Tidbit: How about THE VELVETEEN RABBIT? Kinda scary right?
Source: Deadline



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