Serial killer vs. demons film Our Evil gets a bloody red band trailer

Our Evil Samuel Galli

Back in December, we reported that Jinga Films had acquired the world sales rights to Brazilian filmmaker Samuel Galli's debut film OUR EVIL. As a screening at the Berlin Film Festival draws near (OUR EVIL will be showing on the morning of Friday, February 10th), the company has released a red band trailer online.

Starring Ademir Esteves, Ricardo Casella, and Laura Pepita, OUR EVIL is set

in the underbelly of São Paulo, telling the story of a spiritualist who after receiving warning that a demonic power is coming to destroy his daughter's soul, employs a serial killer in an effort to protect her.

Jinga's Julian Richards has previously, and enticingly, described OUR EVIL as being like a mixture of the brutal realism of  HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, the supernatural shocks of THE EXORCIST, and a style reminiscent of BLOOD SIMPLE. When sharing the trailer, Richards asked, "Could this be heir to the throne of A SERBIAN FILM?"

That's a tall order, but the trailer does feature brutality, nudity, blood, and some cool creature effects provided by Rodrigo Aragão, who is a fantastic genre filmmaker in his own right.

The NSFW trailer can be seen right here:

Extra Tidbit: How does OUR EVIL look to you?
Source: Julian Richards



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