Serpent trailer traps a couple in a tent with a venomous snake

Serpent Amanda Evans Sarah Dumont Tom Ainsley

As I recently pointed out when writing about the "woman stuck in a bear trap" movie COUNTRYCIDE, stories about people being trapped - whether it be on a ski lift, on a landmine, or under a pool cover - seem to be very popular in the horror and thriller genres these days. Writer/director Amanda Evans' feature debut SERPENT is another such film, centering on 

a couple who find themselves trapped in their tent with a venomous snake.

As it becomes clear there may be no escape and the situation sparks a heated exchange, the lovers realise only one of them can make it out alive.

SERPENT has been described as being in the style of the "trapped in a coffin" film BURIED and the "stuck in the ocean" film OPEN WATER, and when I first heard about it I couldn't imagine how Evans could get a feature out of two people and a snake in a tent. The newly released trailer gives an idea of how she did it: she gave the couple some serious drama to work through, and she made the snake a bloodthirsty lunatic. As you'll see, this thing is quite aggressive and seems to be messing with the couple on purpose.

SERPENT will be making its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this weekend. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has already acquired the North American physical and digital distribution rights.

Sarah Dumont and Tom Ainsley star as the couple sharing their tent with a Black Mamba.

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