Seth Rogen and collaborator Evan Goldberg working on a horror movie?

Seth Rogen's frequent co-writer Evan Goldberg (seen right, enjoying Michael Cera's lap) is doing the press rounds currently for the hockey comedy GOON - which is a good time, by the way - and got to talking with The Playlist about what he's got in the pipeline. Turns out, he and Rogen might have a scary-funny movie up their sleeves...

Here are Goldberg's quotes on the matter:

"Seth [Rogen] and I have been talking about doing a horror idea that we came up with, and I don't like horror movies. It's interesting to me that I don't like horror movies and I'm interested in doing it... I used to just think, 'Anyone who likes horror movies is sick or [more] likely to kill me in my sleep than my friends who like comedy.' But movies are therapy for a lot of people, and it's good for people to get things out. Maybe there would be more serial killers because they get it out with the horror movies, or maybe it makes people serial killers, I don't really know. But I'm interested in this whole area now, and I never really was before."

Of course, Goldberg isn't going to reveal too much about the plot, but he does go on to (maybe) hint at what we can expect.

"We do assume that by making it funnier, we can make it scarier, but people don't love 'Paranormal Activity' because it's funny. If it was a bit funnier, and more realistic, maybe it would've been even better -- and I did think it was a fantastic movie, I actually really liked that movie. That was the one that kinda drew us into discussing this, because we just thought it was so innovative."

So... make of that what you will. Hopefully we'll hear more about this project in the coming months. In the meantime, Goldberg and Rogen are working on the end-of-the-world comedy THE APOCALYPSE (aka JAY AND SETH VS. THE APOCALYPSE.)

Extra Tidbit: Goldberg and Rogen wrote SUPERBAD (which co-starred Emma Stone, pictured above), PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and THE GREEN HORNET together.
Source: The Playlist



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