Sharknado 3 already greenlit by Syfy, coming in 2015

As we wrote last month, Syfy is quite smitten with its spooftastic SHARKNADO brand, and has considered making an "annual" event out of the franchise. It would appear that the wheels are definitely in motion to that effect, as it turns out the network isn't even waiting to see how the SHARKNADO 2 ratings turn out this summer: they've already given SHARKNADO 3 the greenlight.

The sobering news comes from AdWeek, which claims Syfy has exclusively confirmed the third SHARKNADO film's status. (The site goes on to pitch a handful of silly ideas for the sequel.) As would be expected, the plan is evidently to release SHARKNADO 3 in the summer of 2015. As the new one hits at the end of July this year, we can probably expect the same general date for the third next year.

Obviously there is no cast or director to announce at this stage, but can we presume the same level of grade-Z actors will be sought out? Positively.

SHARKNADO 2 airs July 30th on Syfy.

SHARKNADO 2's Vivica A. Fox

Extra Tidbit: Tired of SHARKNADO yet? Too bad!
Source: AdWeek



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