Shooting wraps on psychological thriller The Last Letter

Overflow Entertainment and Vendetta Filmworks recently completed filming on THE LAST LETTER, a psychological thriller with a predominately African-American cast.

Flick was produced, directed, and written by Paul D. Hannah; The cast includes Sharon Leal (pictured right), Omari Hardwick, Tatyana Ali and Gary Dourdan.

The plot: THE LAST LETTER tells the intriguing tale of Cathrine and Michael Wright who are married lovers in the purest sense, though Cathrine harbors a dark secret born of her ominous past. She suffers from a debilitating sleep disorder that blurs the line between her dream world and the real world. Michael carries the weight of the real world and is forced to find a way to reach Cathrine, helping to protect both his wife and their child. During one of her most severe episodes, Cathrine unconsciously smothers her child and spirals downward to the point of no return.

"African American films have long been forced to live in a box and rarely allowed to tread in other genres such as psychological thrillers, horrors or suspense," says lead producer Paul D. Hannah.

Tatyana Ali

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that's Tatyana Ali, aka Ashley from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!"
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