Shoreline nabs first Latin American horror flick in Chilean chiller Yokai

Making history today is Shoreline Entertainment, as they've just picked up rights to their very first Latin American genre film...

According to Variety, Shoreline has just nabbed YOKAI, a Chilean horror flick from first time writer/director Cristobal Echevensko. The acquisition is a marked decision by Shoreline to continue a thriving interest in global genre cinema.

Produced by Echevensko at Santiago-based CEB Productions:

YOKAI revolves around Lydia, a 28-year-old employee of a jewelry store who tries to steal a valuable diamond from Yokai, the Japanese man owner of the jewelry, who is a serial killer in his spare time, living at home with all the ghosts of the victims of his murders.

Damn, that sounds pretty badass! A jewel thief battling a haunted serial killer? Count me all-in!

About the pickup, Shoreline director of acquisitions, Melody Djavadi, had this to say:

With his first feature, Eschevensko surprisingly, strategically captures the gory essence of the best horror films while expertly interlacing suspense, fashioning a unique supernatural thriller. I’m excited to begin what is sure to be a long and prolific relationship with this talented filmmaker.”

We're excited too, Melody. We're excited too!

Francisca Sfeir (below), Diego Suazo and Ryotsu Orellana all star in YOKAI, which premiered last month at the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre horror film fest. Stay tuned for an official release date sure to come down soon!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else reminded of COLD FISH when reading the YOKAI synopsis?
Source: Variety



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