Sickhouse, Snapchat's first horror film, to get a sequel

Snapchat Sickhouse 2

It looks like the new version of found footage is going to be social media horror. Taking the concept of the Skype-based supernatural slasher UNFRIENDED one step further, this year's SICKHOUSE was the first film to be created entirely on Snapchat. That film worked so well with the teenyboppers, Indigenous Media has already greenlit a sequel.

SICKHOUSE 2's details are still under wraps, but it will definitely take place on Snapchat once more.

The original, 68-minute film was released last month via various Snapchat personalities' profiles in an attempt to get a BLAIR WITCH-y feel of reality. It featured YouTube star Andrea Russett. The film follows:

a group of social-media-obsessed friends who journey into the woods to explore the lore of a mysterious, allegedly haunted cabin.

It's actually a really clever concept, if an instantly obnoxious method of distribution. Check out the trailer for the original SICKHOUSE below!

Extra Tidbit: Would you ever watch a movie on Snapchat?
Source: Variety



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