Simpkins, Shipka, and more head to Amanda Kramer's Ladyworld

She starred in the recently released horror film ANGUISH (pictured above), and actress Ryan Simpkins will have more anguish to deal with in her next project, LADYWORLD.

The feature directorial debut of Amanda Kramer, LADYWORLD is described as "a female LORD OF THE FLIES" by Simpkins, who told Fangoria that the film is about

these girls who get trapped in a house back in the hills after a major earthquake ... You see them all lose their innocence, and then slowly lose their sanity, so that should be really cool.

It certainly does sound cool, and Simpkins will have a strong supporting cast to endure this horrific ordeal with. Kiernan Shipka (pictured below in the upcoming film FEBRUARY), Amandla Stenberg, Annalise Basso, and Fatima Ptacek are all signed on to head into LADYWORLD with her.

That's all the information that has been revealed so far, but we'll keep you updated on LADYWORLD as it continues to develop.

Extra Tidbit: How does LADYWORLD sound to you?
Source: Fangoria



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