Sin City: A Dame To Kill For adds three more, including Ray Liotta!

Who knew that SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR would have the most impressive cast of this - or almost any other - year? Robert Rodriguez has always been on point when it came to assembling a large group of actors, but this is getting ridiculous.

The Playlist has it that Rodriguez and Frank Miller have added three more names to their sequel: Ray Liotta (GOODFELLAS), Jeremy Piven ("Entourage") and Juno Temple (KILLER JOE). Seems as though the characters they play are being kept under wraps, but you Miller fanatics can start guessing.

The trio joins an already-packed cast, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Christopher Meloni, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Alexa Vega, Dennis Haysbert, Jamie King and Jamie Chung. Shooting has commenced at Rodriguez's Austin-based Troublemaker Studios.

Miller's original graphic novel has the following synopsis: Stuck with nothing but a seedy gumshoe job and some demons, Dwight's thinking of all the ways he's screwed up and what he'd give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean, to dig his way out of the numb gray hell that is his life. And he'd give anything. Just to feel the fire. One more time. But he can't let himself lose control again, can't ever let the monster out. And then Ava calls.

Dimension Films will release SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR on October 4th.

Extra Tidbit: Juno Temple (pictured above) was recently seen in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.
Source: The Playlist



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