Six friends trapped in six boxes; Peep the trailer for new genre flick 6 Plots :-)

Sometimes an under-the-radar project comes our way that just seems to catch my eye. I'm talking something that makes my eyebrows rise and gets me excited for weeks to come. Leigh Sheehan's 6 PLOTS might be one of those projects!

We've got details on the Australian thriller today along with a trailer, some stills and a one-sheet! Natch! First thing's first, check out the rundown for 6 PLOTS:

It's the end of summer, and seven cocky senior high school friends break into a luxury beachside mansion in the sleepy seaside town of Oak Bay. The party's on. Music, alcohol, drugs - their passions run riot.

One of the seven, Brie Weisman, awakens from a drug-induced sleep. She is completely alone. Something is very wrong! Her mobile phone rings. A gruesome smiley face icon appears and a sinister voice delivers a chilling message. "The fate of your friends is in your hands, Brie; there are only two rules: no parents and no authorities."

Live video images then appear of her six friends, unconscious and incarcerated in wooden 'coffin like' boxes. Is this a prank, or is there something more evil unfolding? The clock is ticking, and it's up to Brie to solve the clues in a terrifying game of hide and seek with the lives of her friends in grave danger.

It's a race against time as one by one the fate of Brie's friends begins to play out and the body count starts to mount.

Oh I'm definitely digging it. The one-sheet for this little diddy can be found above in all of it's low-res glory with a trio of stills being found directly below. If you scroll a little further you'll find the trailer for 6 PLOTS, which is also up over in our videos section. So get scrolling and check this one out!

Unfortunately we have no info regarding a release for 6 PLOTS, which stars Alice Darling, Ryan Corr, Andrew Clarke, Eliza Taylor (below), Emily Wheaton, Joey Coley-Sowry, Damien Harrison, and Penelope Mitchell, but you can bet as soon as we hear more on the project we'll be right here to tell you about it.

6 PLOTS (2012) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: 6 PLOTS is only Leigh Sheehan's third feature after DALKEITH and UNDER A RED MOON, all three of which were filmed in Australia.



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