Slasher.com gets a new trailer and March release date

Slasher.com Chip Gubera R.A. Mihailoff

After racking up several awards in the festival scene, including winning Best Feature at a couple festivals, director Chip Gubera's SLASHER.COM is coming to DVD in March, courtesy of ITN Distribution.

Written by Gubera and Chelsea Andes, SLASHER.COM is said to put "a gruesome twist on the perils of modern dating". The story: 

At a time where online dating could prove fatal, Jack and Kristy decide they're ready meet in person. Aiming for an adventurous first date, they plan a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin deep in the woodlands of rural Missouri. While discovering each other, they soon learn of the terrorizing horrors that the forest, and the family lurking there, has in store for outsiders.

Ben Kaplan and Morgan Carter play the couple who picked the wrong place to spend their first weekend together, and it's two of their co-stars who have me interested in seeing this movie at the first opportunity. Those co-stars are THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD's Jewel Shepard, and Leatherface himself (in LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III) R.A. Mihailoff. Grammy winner Delious Kennedy is also in the cast.

ITN will be releasing SLASHER.COM on DVD on March 7th. Check out the film's new trailer below, and if it looks like something you'd like to watch you can pre-order the DVD on Amazon.

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