Sleepaway Camp's Felissa Rose to star in A Nun's Curse

Family Possessions Felissa Rose Tommy Faircloth

Actress Felissa Rose earned genre icon status with her role in the 1983 slasher SLEEPAWAY CAMP and has done a whole lot of work in the horror genre since that film, most recently playing a memorable role in the HATCHET sequel VICTOR CROWLEY. Another recent addition to Rose's filmography was writer/director Tommy Faircloth's FAMILY POSSESSIONS (pictured above), and it has now been announced that she and Faircloth will be teaming up again for a new project called A NUN'S CURSE.

There aren't many details available on A NUN'S CURSE at this point, it seems to be very early days on this one,  but there is a synopsis: 

A group of stranded vacationers are forced to spend the night in an abandoned prison where a nun had once worked and was suspected of murdering prisoners.

Judging by the promotional art that has been released (and can be seen below), Rose will be playing the creepy nun at the heart of the story... hopefully a creepy nun who will proceed to knock off these stranded vacationers one by one.

I'm totally on board to see this and will be keeping a close eye on it as it heads toward production.

Extra Tidbit: How does A NUN'S CURSE sound to you?
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