Sleeping With The Enemy director Joseph Ruben set to remake Orson Welles' The Stranger

Quick poll, you youngsters even know who Orson Welles is?

Shame I even have to ask, but when a movie from 1946 called THE STRANGER is being remade, I 'm afraid I do. You see, THR has it that Welles' 1946 film noir is being adapted by SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY director Joseph Ruben. Jack and Joseph Nasser of NGN Releasing are spearheading the remake, which will have a decidedly more genre bent. Check it...

THE STRANGER will focus on a reformed serial killer who has reinvented himself as a small-town professor but is visited by his former partner, who wants them to start killing together again.

Oh that thing called murder, such a tough drug to kick. I like the sound of the setup, though I'm not sure why it's even being dubbed a remake of Welles' flick. THE STRANGER is a good title and all, but used to death. Maybe both scripts - the original by Anthony Vellier, the remake by newcomer Alanna Belak - have more in common than just character names.

Either way, this one sounds interesting. You agree?

Extra Tidbit: You think CITIZEN KANE is Welles best film?
Source: THR



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