Sly Stallone's Judge Dredd arrives on Blu-ray in September

We all saw it coming, didn’t we? With the upcoming release of DREDD September 21st, it was only inevitable that Disney cash-in on the hype by releasing JUDGE DREDD onto Blu-ray.

The Danny Cannon directed mega-flop was hailed by our own Arrow as an underrated favorite, an opinion which I totally agree with. While the acting is hammy and the story is unfaithful to the comics, JUDGE DREDD worked on its own as a cheesy, future dystopian action movie not unlike DEMOLITION MAN. The scope of Mega City in the film is amazing and Cannon’s direction is very dynamic (whatever happened to that guy?). Also, Alan Silvestri’s score ranks as one of his best and will likely fare even better in the crystal clear clarity of Blu-ray audio.

Those feelings aside, we unfortunately will be getting the same lame-o theatrical cut we’ve always had. I’d love for the film to be re-cut by Cannon himself to get a sense of his original vision, which was purportedly substantially different than the studio fluff action film that we have today. I mean, HIGHLANDER 2 got a recut, why not JUDGE DREDD? I suppose the cult audience might not be there as the film was such a critical and financial failure. Still, it's a big letdown.

No technical specs or special features have yet been announced, giving me the feeling that this will be a bare-bones budget title. It hits store shelves September 18th. Check out the cover art below, pre-order it here and prepare to be judged.

Extra Tidbit: "I AM THE LAW!"



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