Sneak a peek at the horror in this first clip from the V/H/S spinoff Siren

Siren VHS Gregg Bishop Hannah Fierman

SIREN, Gregg Bishop's (V/H/S VIRAL) feature length adaptation of the short film "Amateur Night" from the 2012 anthology V/H/S, is finally arriving later this year. Ahead of its release, we've just received the very first clip from the film, in which an unwitting gentleman helps what he thinks is a woman escape her captivity. As you might predict, it doesn't go well.

I'm interested to see where this story goes because she shows her inhuman hand a little soon, but it's clear that they're already working with material that has a wider scope. There might actually be enough to fill a feature length run time! Check it out below!

Written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski:

SIREN is a horror-thriller about Jonah, an apprehensive groom-to-be whose bachelor party turns into a nightmare when he frees a seemingly innocent victimized girl locked up in a supernatural sex club. Her ruthless handler and proprietor of the sex club will stop at nothing to re-capture his prize. Jonah struggles to rescue the girl only to discover it is he who needs to be rescued as he comes to the realization that she is a dangerous fabled predator who has chosen him as her prize.

Alongside Hannah Fierman, who will be returning as the seductive and dangerous Lily, SIREN will star Chase Williamson (THE GUEST),  Justin Welborn (THE FINAL DESTINATION), Michael Aaron Milligan (THE LAST HEIST), Hayes Mercure (Mascots), and Randy McDowell (ELVIS).

SIREN will lure you into theaters on December 2nd, hitting VOD, Digital HD and DVD that same week on December 6th.

You can screen it ahead of time at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago on Sunday, Aug. 21 at 8 PM at the Muvico Rosemont, and then at Frightfest in London on Sunday, Aug. 28 at 6:30 PM at Discovery Screen Two.

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