Soak up the trailer for Menhaj Huda's UK horror flick Comedown!

Have you yet COMEDOWN from the holiday high?!

Well here's round two. Back in June, distro-news for Menhaj Huda's UK horror flick COMEDOWN flooded in, pretty much everywhere but the U.S. Well, we finally have a trailer for the shut-in horror joint. We've also learned the flick will hit DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on January 28th. Only a month away yo!

Starring Adam Deacon, Jacob Anderson, Jessica Barden, Sophie Stuckey and Slaine Kelly (pictured below):

Six friends, who've known each other from childhood, break into the tower block they lived in as kids, now deserted and condemned, to rig-up a pirate radio station, get high and party. When one of the group goes missing, her friends begin to search the dark interior of the tower and soon realize that they are not alone: a resident psychopath lurks in the shadows and is hunting them down, taking them out, one-by-one.

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Source: AITH



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