Some walkers meet up with Michonne in our first clip from "The Walking Dead" Season 3!

Well folks today we've got more "Walking Dead" news for you guys to chomp on. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Not only is Comic-Con kicking off this week over in California, where "The Walking Dead" will have a heavy presence, but this past weekend was AMC's Season 3 preview weekend, which included every episode of Season 2. Now to be honest it doesn't seem like much of Season 3 got previewed this weekend but we did get one gem courtesy of "The Talking Dead...."

If you scroll below, or head over to our videos section, you'll find the first clip from "The Walking Dead" Season 3! What do we get in this first clip? Well the highly anticipated 'Michonne' as she slices and dices a trio of zombies! Can't beat that, right? Check that shite out below!

We've also scored a new behind the scenes look at Season 3 with the show's FX legend Greg Nicotero. In the new video, which comes courtesy of AMC, Mr. Nicotero takes us on a tour of his zombie studio. Pretty cool. I've tossed that up below as well so get scrolling and enjoy!

Expect more "Walking Dead" news out of Comic-Con by the end of this week.

"The Walking Dead" (2012) - Michonne Season 3 Sneak Peek

'Michonne' herself Dana Gurira

Extra Tidbit: Which character are you more looking forward to seeing in Season 3: Michonne or The Governor?



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