Something very creepy is going on in this trailer for Korean horror Two Moons

Thanks to a Tweet from AITH reader Shawn Kelley (@RRshawndeon) an intriguing new Korean horror flick has caught our eye here at Arrow in the Head. Why? Because this thing looks creepy as f*ck!

Seriously folks. The movie, titled TWO MOONS, comes from director Kim Dong-bin and stars Park Han-byeol (below), who is no stranger to Korean genre flare. While I couldn't find a rundown for this little diddy we do have a look at a couple posters for the film as well as a trailer!

Now the posters, found to the right and below, don't offer up a whole lot of scares but if you scroll on down further and tap the trailer for TWO MOONS you're bound to feel some chills creeping down your spine. Don't take my word for it though. Tap that shite below or over in our videos section!

We'll keep our eyes open for any other updates regarding TWO MOONS, because let's face it - the flick has your interest. So as soon as we hear more regarding the potential Korean gem we'll be right here to tell you about it.

TWO MOONS (2012) - Korean Trailer

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Source: AITH



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