Sony acquires Joe Haldemans deadly alien novella Seasons, sets writer & director

A show of hands, who's read Joe Haldeman's sci-fi novella SEASONS?

You already know where this is going...to the big-screen! Sony has acquired rights to the story and set FX guru Tim Miller to direct from a script by Sebastian Gutierrez (GOTHIKA, SNAKES ON A PLANE). Michael De Luca will produce for the studio, with Doug Belgrad, production president Hannah Minghella and Sam Dickerman overseeing.

The novella focuses on an anthropological expedition to a planet with sentient humanoids that goes horribly awry.

Sounds too typical. Here's a bit more detail from an Amazon review:

A team of anthropologists are unpleasantly surprised when their seemingly peaceful alien subjects become murderous. Haldeman constructs a grim, suspenseful story from the first person narratives of people fleeing for their lives across an alien world.

What do you think? Tim Miller, long attached to direct the DEADPOOL movie, has never directed a movie before. He has worked as long time Inferno Artist, notably on the first two X-MEN movies, THE WOLFMAN and whoa...GIGLI?


Extra Tidbit: How about that ringing King endorsement on the cover!
Source: Deadline



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