Sony offers 7-figures to Brian Taylor to adapt Twisted Metal to the big-screen

And a better match for the material I couldn't think of...

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures has preemptively offered Brian Taylor an unspecified 7-figure deal to bring popular videogame TWISTED METAL to the big-screen...both as writer and director. As you know, Taylor is one half of the filmmaking duo of Neveldine/Taylor, those adrenaline junkies behind GHOSTRIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (out this Friday).

Like the game, the film will revolve around an underground event that pits a number of combatants in a fight to the death. They are outfitted in armored weaponized cars that are pimped out with heavy weaponry that includes missiles and machine guns. Some drop mines or launch electrical charges. The proprietor of the race is Calypso, a string-puller dedicating to examining the human condition, such as what makes a peaceful man violent, what terrifies a violent man and who will make a Faustian bargain in which they risk their lives. The sole survivor will get any wish granted.

Word is popular game mainstays Sweet Tooth, a maniacal clown rolling in an ice-cream truck, and Doll Face...a cherubic lass who swerves an 18-wheeler...will both be featured in the film.

As fate would have it, the newest version of TWISTED METAL has been released for PS3 today. And while I'm hardly a gamer, I did play a good amount of TWISTED METAL on Playstation back in high-school. It's a really fun game, no bones about it. You basically drive around, get in crashes, shoot shit up, and embark on all kinds of chaotic destruction. Again, perfect for this Taylor fella!

SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE star Violante Placido

Extra Tidbit: Thoughts on a TWISTED METAL movie? Is Taylor the right man for the job or what?
Source: Deadline



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