Sony taps British first-timers Tom Jenkins & Simon Sharp to helm alien flick Giants

By chance, did you happen to catch the Youtube shorts SPEED OF LIGHT or ADDRESS IS APPROXIMATE, helmed by British chaps Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp? Well, they were good enough for Sony to let the boys (above) make a feature length alien flick called GIANTS. Peep it...

In GIANTS, an alien race known as Giants on planet Gigantus are attacked by a foreign spacecraft, which prompts a team of soldiers to embark on a mission to Earth in order to wage war. The aggressors are taken aback when they realize they were giants on their home planet, they are 1/4 inch tall compared to earthlings, and the foreign spacecraft that attacked them was actually a loose screw from the Hubble telescope. The giants land in a nerdy kid’s yard, and through a series of events bond to save the world.

Seems solid all the way up to the nerdy kid's yard. Not that I have an aversion to nerds, but because it makes me think the shite will skew to the younger, PG-13 crowd. Hope not.

Sharp and Jenkins will rewrite GIANTS and direct it as their feature debut.


Extra Tidbit: You dig the sound of GIANTS?
Source: Deadline



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