Sony taps David Koepp to adapt Sylvain Neuvel's The Themis Files

sony david koepp the themis files sylvain neuvel

Sony has tapped David Koepp for the adaptation of Sylvain Neuvel's debut sci-fi novel THE THEMIS FILES, according to Deadline.

Koepp, who has written his fair share of tentpole films, wrote the first two JURASSIC PARK films, as well as the excellent STIR OF ECHOES, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, and the first Sam Raimi SPIDER-MAN, so it's a safe bet he's up for the task of tackling this large canvas science fiction tale that concerns...

...a world-changing alien discovery.

17 years ago, a young girl named Rose fell through the ground in the Black Hills and found herself in an underground chamber filled with gleaming symbols, lying in the palm of a giant metal hand. Now a physicist, Rose leads a research team struggling to determine the hand's origins. When another giant limb is discovered, Rose quickly devises a method for unearthing the hidden pieces, convinced there is an entire body out there waiting to be found.

Halfway around the globe, Kara watches helplessly as her helicopter shuts down over a pistachio field in Turkey. That'll leave a mark, but she's about to crash her way into what might be the greatest endeavor in human history.

This is a hunt for truth, power, and giant body parts. Written as a series of interview transcripts, journal entries and mission logs, The Themis Files tells the tale of a handful of people whose lives are inexorably linked by the discovery of an alien device and the commotion that follows.

Matt Tolmach and Josh Bratman will produce.

Sounds like an intriguing project to me. I'm certainly interested in checking out Neuvel's book, and Koepp seems like the right guy to adapt the material for the screen. More on THE THEMIS FILES as we hear it.

Source: Deadline



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