SP Releasing will lead us into Demon Hole this October

Demon Hole Josh Crook

If you find the title of writer/director Josh Crook's film DEMON HOLE to be as amusing as I do, rest assured that it's okay to chuckle at it - this isn't a deadly serious entry in the horror genre; the movie does have a sense of humor.

DEMON HOLE first came to our attention two years ago, when it was announced that sales outfit SC Films International would be presenting it to buyers at Cannes. U.S. distribution wasn't secured then, but a deal has been closed this year. SP Releasing has acquired all North American rights to DEMON HOLE and plans to give it a perfectly timed Halloween season release this October.

Starring Samantha Scaffidi, Austin Ramsey, Paris Campbell, Summer Bills, and Adrian Denzel, with internet personality Samhain as the devil, DEMON HOLE shows 

the fallout after a fracking crew drills a hole on sacred Native American land, unleashing an ancient demon which then terrorizes six teens serving community service in a remote forest.

Crook says that he set out to make DEMON HOLE a throwback to what made watching horror fun for him when he was growing up.

The current crop of horror movies has gotten too severe and grim. While scary, they’re also depressing. Taking influence from John Hughes as much as it does John Carpenter and Wes Craven, DEMON HOLE brings the vibe of the 1980s back and invites the audience to enjoy the ride."

That's an approach I can definitely appreciate.

Demon Hole Josh Crook

Extra Tidbit: How does DEMON HOLE sound to you?
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