Spoilerish casting news as Cynthia Nixon joins NBC's Hannibal as...

If you were anything like us, you probably found the first season of NBC's "Hannibal" to be one of the most entertaining shows on television, horror or otherwise. That's why we were excited to hear that the good Doctor would be getting a second season (especially after the way the first season ended!) and today we have a bit of season two casting news to share with you.

TVLine is reporting that "Sex in the City" star Cynthia Nixon has signed on for a recurring role on the hit NBC series, but if you haven't had a chance to finish all of season 1 (which hits Blu-Ray and DVD later this month), you may want to refrain from reading this next bit of spoilerish info regarding Nixon's character.

Still here? Ok, good.

According to the TVLine article...

Nixon will play Kade Prurnell, an employee of the Office of the Inspector General in FBI Oversight who is investigating the events of the first season and Jack Crawford’s (Laurence Fishburne) culpability.

Uh oh. Looks like we're in for quite a few surprises with season 2.

You can pre-order season 1 of "Hannibal" on DVD HERE or grab it on Blu-ray HERE. We'll keep you posted on news regarding season 2 of "Hannibal" as we hear it!

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Source: TVLine



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