Spoilers: Split's alternate ending is super dark

M. Night Shyamalan's SPLIT took all the money and love earlier this year (until GET OUT hit that is). And for good reason too, the film is the best Shyamalan flick we've seen since the early 2000's.

SPLIT is set to hit Blu-ray/DVD April 18th and is currently available on digital HD. The Blu-ray of the film comes with some cool special features including an alternate ending.

Turns out the alternate ending is super dark.

In his video introduction, here’s how Night explained his decision-making process as to why he chose to excise the original ending:

So this is kind of an alternate end I had for the Horde. I toyed with where it should go. Should it go in? Should it go before the tag in the diner or after? And I tried it in a lot of places, and it didn’t quite feel right. It was the original ending for the Horde in the script, then I wrote the one that’s in the movie at the mirror, and we re-shot that afterward. And that felt more of, like, the vibe of how I wanted it end.

So I had this ending in for a while, then I moved it in a few different places. But it was just too dark, and it made it kind of feel one note for me about what his intentions were, what are his motivations? I just didn’t want the Beast’s motivations to be reduced to just killing, that kind of thing. So that’s why I wrote the ending that you see in the movie, with the mirror. So it was more showing the world what we were capable of… the original ending is a kind of dark and gruesome ending.”

The alternate ending opens with McAvoy dressed as Dennis sitting cross-legged on the ledge of a roof, overlooking a school. The sounds of children can be heard in the distance. McAvoy then says, “Look at all those unbroken souls.” Then the chick voice speaks up and says, “Such a waste.”

Yeah... so it seems The Beast has moved from beating up (exclusively) women and moved onto children. This guy is a super f*cking villain! I'm glad they went with the Bruce Willis ending instead, which was always in the part of the script by the way. It just would have come after the above-mentioned super creep scene.

SPLIT is available now in Digital HD and hits Blu-ray/DVD April 18th.


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