Stanley Tucci joins Emma Watson in David Yates' thriller Your Voice In My Head

Twice before have we written about YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, Emma Frost's psycho-dramatic novel being adapted by David Yates. At last look, the flick had secured HARRY POTTER alumna Emma Watson to star, pretty impressive considering the project has yet to see a green light. Well, perhaps this new casting info will help...

Variety is reporting Stanley Tucci (seen right) has signed on to play a key role in YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, which is about a young woman who self harms and she visits this psychiatrist who helps her to learn to live again. It's got very heightened, odd moments in it that are slightly trippy.

Watson will play the young woman, natch, with Tucci playing the psychiatrist. It's said to be a hot part that Yates had considered George Clooney for. Warner Bros. is already eyeing awards contention for the film, Tucci's part in specific. The Ruby Films production looks to film this summer.

Alright, so Tucci and Watson in a psycho-drama? You down? I'm a Tucci fan, but have not really dug where his career has gone the last few years. His turn in THE LOVELY BONES notwithstanding, seems dude's doing too many Meryl Streep films, playing the Dad role, or rocking blue f*ckin' hair in THE HUNGER GAMES. The guy's a hell of an actor, hopefully YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD gives him a challenge it appears he needs.

Your thoughts?

Emma Watson!

Extra Tidbit: Seems like Emma Watson was one of the few not considered for THE HUNGER GAMES...which Tucci starred in. Good thing, that could have been awkward.
Source: Variety



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