Star Michael Gross and director Don Michael Paul prepare for Tremors 6

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Heading into the holiday break, actor Michael Gross shared on Facebook an image that was worth being thankful for, a minor update that proves a TREMORS 6 and the return of Burt Gummer are on the way. In the image, Gross is sporting the beginnings of a mustache, a mustache that will be much thicker by the time he steps back in front of the cameras to play Burt once again when TREMORS 6 starts filming next year.

The latest sequel will reunite Gross with his TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES co-star Jamie Kennedy and that film's director Don Michael Paul, and it appears that the project will take the trio back to South Africa as well.

Not long before Gross posted his mustache pic, Paul took to his own Instagram account to share a picture that seems to be from a location scout that took the director to South Africa's Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, which is around 13 hours south of the Johannesburg area where TREMORS 5 was filmed.

TREMORS 5 was set in South Africa, but just because TREMORS 6 could be filming there as well doesn't necessarily mean that the story will deal with Burt Gummer and Kennedy's character Travis B. Welker returning to the African continent. South Africa is a very popular filming location that often stands in for other places around the world.

Then again, maybe there are more Graboids, Ass Blasters, and perhaps even some Shriekers for our heroes to deal with in South Africa... We can only wait and see, and I am very much looking forward to finding out the answer.


On the road again!!! #kaggakamma #tremors #universal1440entertainment #graboids

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