Starz takes horror to Cuba and Mexico

The television network Starz recently ventured into the horror genre with Ash vs. Evil Dead and they clearly enjoyed the experience, as they have now put two more horror series into development. 

Both of these new series will tell tales of terror that are set in countries south of the United States. First up is Santeria, which is being developed by Alejandro Brugués, director of JUAN OF THE DEAD (pictured), THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT director Eduardo Sanchez, and BLAIR WITCH producer Gregg Hale. A supernatural drama set in Cuba, Santeria

centers on two undercover agents who investigate a bizarre murder. The drama explores the complex relationship between the Cuban people and Santeria, the ancient religion born on the island of Cuba.

The other horror series is the Mexico-set Maleficio from writer/producer Mauricio Katz, who is co-writing the pilot episode with Pedro Peirano and will serve as showrunner. A co-production of Starz and Televisa USA that is based on a telenovela from 1983 - '84 (320 episodes were produced in that time), Maleficio is 

a supernatural thriller that centers on Don Enrique De Martino, a powerful Mexican businessman who has made a deadly pact with the devil.

Sounds like a pair of promising projects to me, it'll be interesting to see how they come together as the development process progresses.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original Maleficio?
Source: THR



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