Stay after end credits of Paranormal Activity 4 to see teaser for Latino "spin-off"

Wow, I totally forgot about this one. You happen to recall back in April when we told you the producers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY were hard at work on a Latino spin-off movie? Well, when P.A. 4 hits theaters later this month, you'll be able to see the very first teaser images of said project after the end credits roll. Pretty cool shite, but enough of an incentive to clock the shite in theaters?

According to B-D, Christopher Landon (Disturbia) will write and direct the project, described by sources as a “cousin” to the Paranormal movies but actually not a sequel or reboot, nor a spin-off. The movie will be Latino-themed, will star a Latino cast and will tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology. It will not, however, be in Spanish. Landon also penned both Paranormal Activity 2 and 3.

So a little clarification there, it won't be a spin-off after all. As you know, P.A. 4 stars Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Alisha Boe and Brady Allen as Creepy Robbie. The flick opens October 19th.

Will PA star KAtie Featherston show up in part 4?

Extra Tidbit: Got your tickets yet?
Source: Bloody-D



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