Stephen King and Mark Pavia working on new anthology?

Mark Pavia, the director of the underrated adaptation of Stephen King's THE NIGHT FLIER (pictured above), has apparently been keeping the bestselling author as a close compatriot in the years since that film's debut. This is evidenced by the duo's apparent collaboration on a new anthology film based on King's works. Following in the footsteps of CREEPSHOW and CAT'S EYE can't be considered an easy feat...

Icons of Fright caught up with Pavia, who detailed the project thusly:

“It’s a Stephen King anthology film (as yet untitled)... One that consists of only horror stories and one that is incredibly dark and endlessly atmospheric. I want to make a film that represents exactly what you think of when you hear the name “Stephen King” — a celebration of the man and what he does best, which is scaring the living hell out of all of us! But also stories that are rich in character and that have an emotional weight to them, which, of course, is what he’s all about. That’s what sets him apart from everyone else. It will be the first Stephen King anthology film in 25 years.”"

While Pavia wasn't ready to divulge exactly which stories would be included in the film, he made it clear that King is heavily involved in the project, at least from a developmental standpoint:

“Steve chose two of the stories and I chose two — the selection a perfect mixture of classic and contemporary King, a little bit of something for his oldest and newest fans alike. It will be a true representation of his different personas, his varied styles and voices throughout the years. Everything from the horror showman at his pulpiest to his most introverted and introspective character pieces, which can also be his most frightening. Every single aspect of his personality will be represented, which as a filmmaker makes me extremely excited. Not only will the film showcase Stephen King’s many different sides, it will also showcase mine as well.”

Sounds like something us King fanatics should get very excited about indeed. To read the entire article, head on over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Did you enjoy Pavia's film version of NIGHT FLIER?
Source: Icons of Fright



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