Stephen King's IT scores Lights Out composer Benjamin Wallfisch

As we all know, possibly more than in any other genre, music is super important to how a horror film hits us. What would FRIDAY THE 13TH be without "Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma", or what would HALLOWEEN be without that classic Carpenter score?

Exactly. Well, today Stephen King fansite Lilja's Library is reporting that the composer for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's monster novel IT, has been chosen!

The new Andres Muschiettit-helmed STEPHEN KING'S IT will sport a score by composer Benjamin Wallfisch. Wallfisch for those who might not be familiar is a top up-and-coming horror composer, having laid down the tracks for such recent hits as A CURE FOR WELLNESS, LIGHTS OUT, and WITHIN. He is also providing the score for the upcoming ANNABELLE 2.

I personally cannot wait to listen to what the new Pennywise theme is going to be. The 90's mini-series theme still creeps me out to this day, and Wallfisch has a way to go before he can top that score.

Something tells me he's up for the task, though.

STEPHEN KING'S IT: PART I thrusts its fist against the posts September 8th.

LIGHTS OUT star Teresa Palmer

Extra Tidbit: Which flick had the better score LIGHTS OUT or A CURE FOR WELLNESS?
Source: Liljas Library



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