Stephen King sued for $500mil for allegedly stealing Dark Tower character

Normally we are not into gossip here at AITH. In fact, we try to avoid that shite like the plague. But when said "gossip" has to do with our man Stephen King, and the news involves some jackass trying to sue the King of Horror for 500 million dollars (!) well, that's something we take interest in.

In short, the story goes: some guy says Stephen King stole the idea for the main character in THE DARK TOWER series ( The Gunslinger aka Roland Deschain) from a famous comic book character also known as a gunslinger.

The creator of THE ROOK comic says King's Gunslinger, is based on his main character, Restin Dane. R-D? Interesting... Anyways, the guy claims the character of The Gunslinger has "striking similarities to Dane other than just their initials -- both are time-traveling, monster-fighting, quasi-immortal, romantic adventure heroes."

THE ROOK dude also says that King's Deschain dresses like a cowboy despite not being from the Old West -- just like Restin Dane -- and the towers in both books look the same.

Supposedly, this Restin Dane character was in more than 5 million comic magazines from 1977-1983. And on top of that, King says he has read those stories, and possible not by coincidence, the first book in THE DARK TOWER series (THE GUNSLINGER) was released in 1982.

I say this is all coincidence. However, THE ROOK creator thinks it is a bit more, and like I mentioned above, is looking to sue King for $500 million.

Hurm... nice timing, THE ROOK dude... Just as THE DARK TOWER movie is about to (no doubt) make a killing, and IT will (hopefully) do twice that business. Smart time to bring this up. Especially since you've had this knowledge since 1982.

I'll let you know more when and if I hear anything. Anything other than King laughing in the man's face and setting CUJO loose on his ass.

THE DARK TOWER hits theaters this July.

Extra Tidbit: In other news, The Ringling Bros. sue King for stealing their "Dancing Clown" character.
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