Stephen King's IT: Behold the new 2017 Losers Club

Yesterday I shared with you guys a picture of STRANGER THINGS actor Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier from the new adaptation of STEPHEN KING'S IT. I also told you that the Instagram account I got the pic from was that of the film's producer Barbra Muschietti. On top of that, I told you there were many, many more pics posted to her account that looked interesting af, and that I was going to spend my lunch break looking through them.

Well, I didn't... spend my lunch break looking through them that is. However as soon as I got off shift last night, I fired up my Instagram account (I'm lying, I don't have an Instagram account) and checked out the other pics posted on Barb's site.

Within I found the awesomeness that makes up the full collection of behind-the-scenes pics of the famed Losers Club. All seven members! While leader Stuttering-Bill Denbrough is a bit in the dark, the rest are more than out in the glorious light, and looking ever bit the characters we have come to love.

Check out the full Losers Club roster below, and let's start debating who will play these characters as ADULTS once the time rolls around for IT: Part 2! Until then, remember, the new adaptation of STEPHEN KING'S IT is set to release late this summer on September 8th.

Wyatt Oleff as Stanley "I like birds" Uris
Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie "bad-break" Kaspbrak
Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben "Haystack" Hanscom
Chosen Jacobs as Mike "Big Bird" Hanlon
Finn Wolfhard as Richie "Funnyman" Tozier
Sophia Lillis as Beverly "Train" Marsh
Jaeden Wesley Lieberher as Bill "Stuttering Bill" Denbrough
Extra Tidbit: The pic at the top is the original Losers Club. But I didn't have to tell YOU that.
Source: Instagram



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