Straight Outta Compton's Keith Stanfield joins Jordan Peele's Get Out

Jordan Peele's upcoming Blumhouse picture GET OUT resolutely refuses to share more than a bare bones plot with us, yet I find it endlessly intriguing. An exploration of American race relations in a thriller format, it could go any number of crazy directions. What we do know, however, is pretty encouraging.

The newest cast member brought onto the film is Keith Stanfield, who had his breakout role in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON as Snoop Dogg. He has also been featured in the indie darling SHORT TERM 12 and the Best Picture nominated SELMA and is set to appear in this year's SNOWDEN. In between his short, success-studded career, he has found time to toss Blumhouse a hand, appearing as a masked figure in THE PURGE: ANARCHY. Obviously this time around he'll get a much more expanded role, although we have no details on his character yet.

GET OUT tells the story of:

a young African-American man who visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s family estate.

The couple is being played by Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. The cast also includes Catherine Keener, Lil Rel Howery, Bradley Whitford, Betty Gabriel, and Caleb Landry Jones in unspecified roles.

Allison Williams
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Source: Indiewire



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