Strand Releasing picks up The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

Just yesterday we were wondering when we'd hear of a North American distribution deal for Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's neo-giallo THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS, a film that we've been very interested in seeing ever since catching the stylish trailer for it last year. After yesterdays hypnotic new clip we were eager to see it even more. Now Variety is reporting that Strand Releasing has scooped up North American rights to the visually stark horror-thriller with plans for a late summer release. Right on!

The French-Belgian thriller marks the follow-up to Cattet and Forzani’s cult genre pic AMER, an eroticized homage to 1970s Italian Giallo horror films.

The deal was sealed by Strand Releasing’s Jon Gerrans and Bac Films’ Clementine Hugot.

Described as a Giallo-inspired sexual horror-thriller, THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS turns on...

...Dan (Klaus Tange) who returns to his Brussels home from a business trip and finds out his wife, Edwige (Ursula Bedena), has gone missing somewhere in his Art Nouveau-styled apartment building.

A woman vanishes. Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance. Did she leave him? Is she dead? As he goes along searching, he plunges into a world of nightmare and violence...

THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS stars Klaus Tange, Jean-Michel Vovk, Sylvia Carmarda, Sam Louwyck and Anna D’Annunzio.

So let's hear it...are you stoked to finally see THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS? Hit us up below!

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Source: Variety



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