Studiocanal to bring out The Evil in Us on October 10

The Evil in Us Jason William Lee

With his feature debut, writer/director Jason William Lee has crafted a film that is being described as "CABIN FEVER meets THE EVIL DEAD". Lee's movie is THE EVIL IN US, and Studiocanal has announced that they will be giving it a DVD, Blu-ray, and digital release in the UK on October 10th.

Studiocanal also namechecks George A. Romero's THE CRAZIES, THE CABIN THE WOODS, and the "hippy LSD freak out classic" I DRINK YOUR BLOOD when describing THE EVIL IN US, but its straightforward story synopsis goes like this: 

Six school friends meet up for a drug-fuelled Fourth of July weekend on a remote island. What they don’t know is the drug they scored is not what it seems; it’s actually a new bioactive compound peddled by a sadistic right-wing terrorist organisation.

Anyone consuming it is then exposed to a virus causing fits of psychotic rage, mind-bending chaos and cannibalistic murder. Only one refused to partake and now she must fight to survive as everyone around her, including her fiancé, tries to savagely kill her.

A trailer for THE EVIL IN US can be seen below, and it's packed with imagery that promises a lot of action and "infected people" madness. It looks like it could be a fun time, and audiences in the UK will be able to find out for sure in just over a week.

DVD and Blu-ray copies are available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk.

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