Summer Camp is coming to your home this August

Summer Camp Jocelin Donahue Alberto Marini

I didn't know it, but August 2, 2016 is a day I've been looking forward to for more than two years, ever since we first heard that HOUSE OF THE DEVIL's Jocelin Donahue would be starring in SUMMER CAMP, a film about 

three American camp counselors who show up for their summer jobs at an English-language camp in Spain and come face-to-face with a virus unlike anything seen before.

Donahue's co-stars in the film include Diego Boneta, Andres Velencoso, Alex Gonzalez, and Maiara Walsh.

SUMMER CAMP received a limited theatrical release in March that completely passed me by. Now it has been revealed that August 2nd is the date when it will become available for viewing by a wider audience, including me. That's when it's going to be released on DVD, digital HD, and VOD.

This film marks the feature directorial debut of [REC] series executive producer Alberto Marini, who also wrote the screenplay with Danielle Schleif, and was executive produced by Jaume Balagueró, who directed or co-directed every [REC] film except part 3

The Arrow was lucky enough to see SUMMER CAMP several months ago and gave it a 6/10 review.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out SUMMER CAMP?



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