Summit taps Bad Santa 2 scribe Johnny Rosenthal to pen deadly alien flick Area 52

Wait a minute, a movie called AREA 52 pulling a disappearing act for a whole year? Why aren't we surprised?!

As it happens, Summit Entertainment's adaptation of Brian Haberland's comic book AREA 52 has popped back up on the radar. As it's moved from studio to studio in the last calendar year, the flick has finally settled in the hands of producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian, who've tapped Johnny Rosenthal (BAD SANTA 2) to write the script. Peep the lowdown...

The story follows a group of misfit soldiers stationed at a remote military base in Antarctica known as Area 52 that guard a storage facility in which top-secret, other-worldly technologies and weapons are kept and analyzed. A murderous alien, hatched from an artifact, stalks the soldiers, who must defeat it.

Sounds like THE THING to me, but I can definitely dig it. How about you? And who should direct?

BAD SANTA's Lauren Graham

Extra Tidbit: Have you read the comic?
Source: THR



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