Supernatural conflicts arise in adaptation of Mark Frost's The Paladin Prophecy

Usually we tend to scoff at adaptations of 'young-adult novels' here at AITH. I mean ever since that TWILIGHT SAGA junk it's been hard to tell which projects will be awesome and which... well... won't be.

Considering today's project is coming from one half of the creators of "Twin Peaks" I'd say it's worth keeping an eye on, wouldn't you? What am I getting at? A young-adult trilogy by author Mark Frost called THE PALADIN PROPHECY. Frost happens to be the man who created "Twin Peaks" alongside David Lynch. I can dig it! Here's the rundown for the trilogy:

The series centers on Will West, who has muted his unusual abilities both in the classroom and on the playing fields to avoid attention. But his cover is blown when he scores off the charts on a nationwide exam, and the resulting danger from a host of mysterious forces send him on the run into a complex world of secret societies and supernatural conflicts.

According to Variety Reliance Entertainment and Kintop Pictures have acquired film rights to the trilogy, which is set to be published by Random House Children's Books in September. The deal is said to be in the seven figure range.

The only other details we're given is that Frost will not only executive produce the project, but he'll be writing it as well. And that Reliance are planning on dropping this one sometime in 2014.

So what do you guys think? THE PALADIN PROPHECY have some potential? Spit some bullets below and let us know if you're jiving with this one as we wait for more info to drop our way.

Extra Tidbit: Mark Frost has written and produced another film based on a book of his: Disney's THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED, which stars Peyton List (above).
Source: Variety



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